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For those who prefer a Group Programme.

The programme that shows you 


how to get the FREEDOM, JOY and FULFILMENT you crave and deserve in 


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C Change is the programme that SHOWS you how I

Designed my Own Life Path 

my own way and how, by applying my method hundreds of people have been able to increase their passion their lives, relationships, work, businesses and enjoy more...



Now, I know you might be thinking... 

“That’s all very well Michele. You make it sound so simple but you probably got a good solid start and have had great support along the way. You're confident and capable.”

I spent my early years, up to age 12, alone with my violent paranoid schizophrenic mother. I was surrounded by chaos almost all of the time.

I had no extended family, no siblings, no Dad around and my mother had few friends. I was severely introverted, timid and sensitive. I developed a stammer and I became a natural target for bullies. Because, at the time, I had little or no control over my situation or my mother and her condition, I became severely DISCONNECTED, from friends, education, society and even from myself.

Even at that young age though, I knew I needed coping strategies and an escape plan. I had to survive until I had the chance to control my own life. So, I set about creating my own...

Life Path Design

Oh boy, you COULD NOT be more wrong.


I come from a more disconnected background than you could possibly imagine.


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