Here’s EXACTLY how to grow a successful business that is based on your passions,

using a SIMPLE method that is PROVEN to get clients paying you thousands within weeks.

Here’s the full story about how this method works [in industries as wide ranging and diverse as corporate law, clinical hypnotherapy, street food businesses, music, theatre and advertising], and how you can put it to work for YOU.

Have you ever noticed...

that some passion based businesses seem to just thrive and grow? They seem to get the right kind of attention and promotion? Things seem to happen easily and organically for them. Have you noticed that clients and customers seem to be drawn to them, like a magnet? Their message seems strong and their marketing flows? You might say they’re connected….

* To what they do

To how they deliver what they do

* To their message

* To their customers - their market

* To ways of making money that feel good

Connected Businesses are

Successful Businesses


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Let's here it from my clients...

The Juice Guru 


Rupen, aka the Juice Guru set up his passion based business following his Dad's heart attack. He was driven to find a healthier lifestyle for him and his family and became evangelical about juicing for health. He decided to make it his business.

BUT, what he hadn’t bargained for, was the fact that having a personal passion for something doesn’t automatically make for a good business. When I started working with Rupen, his energy was running out and so were his funds. And, he didn’t have a spare moment to spend with his family, not even his Dad, who was the inspiration for the business in the first place.


I worked with Rupen to get him connected to his market so that they began to seek him out rather than him go out with a big net looking for them. In the space of just 8 weeks, he had a streamlined, regular income generating business that felt totally aligned to his health values, and that gave him time to spend with the people he cares about, doing things that he loves.

"Michele rescued me and my business. I'd fallen out of love with it...become disconnected as she would say. She gave me simple but powerful ways of re connecting that weren't 'off the shelf' but were definitely off the scale." 

And then there's...


A multi million pound turnover design and fashion production company with a fabulous female leader at the helm. They have over 100 incredibly creative staff and have won numerous industry accolades and awards.

BUT, there was chaos on the inside. Things got done and clients loved their work but profitability was rock bottom, staff absenteeism was at an all time high and it just wasn’t a happy camp. There was a complete lack of connection to what the business was and what its plans for the future were, causing insecurity and stress throughout the organisation.


I worked with them to harness the chaos and fully connect to their vision. They became connected to their message and were able to communicate that vision to their people, clients and potential clients. We freed up their people so that they could get on with doing what they do best – being creative.


Absenteeism dropped by 48% in the space of 6 months and new business started coming to them, rather than them having to go out and pitch for it. But, more importantly, it was a much much happier camp because there was internal connection. And, a happy camp is a productive camp.

"Michele's approach is different. We like that. She understood the challenges of a creative business but, more importantly, the challenges of a female leader. That was crucial. Simply put, she turned things around for me and for the business."


Two very different businesses, I know, but that’s my point. By applying my method, these businesses were able to focus, increase their passion for what they do, draw in business more easily, get clients paying what they’re worth and feel fully aligned. They got CONNECTED. They also got their businesses to a stage where they could take time out for themselves for the first time in a long time.


Now, I know you might be thinking “That’s all very well Michele. You make it sound so simple but you’ve probably got a degree and done a tonne of formal training. You probably got a good solid start and have had great support along the way.” Oh boy, you COULD NOT be more wrong.

I come from a more disconnected background than you could possibly imagine.


I spent my early years, up to age 12, alone with my violent paranoid schizophrenic mother. I was surrounded by chaos almost all of the time.

I had no extended family, no siblings, no Dad around and my mother had few friends. I was severely introverted, timid and sensitive. I developed a stammer

and I became a natural target for bullies.


Because, at the time, I had little or no control over my situation or my mother and her condition, I became seriously DISCONNECTED.

Even at that young age, I knew I needed coping strategies and and escape plan. I had to survive until I had the chance to control my own life.

Survive til you can thrive...


When I went set up my business, I realised I could use my experiences to find new ways of working and driving success. I discovered that what I needed to do to grow and make a success in business, was pretty much the opposite of what I’d done in my early years.

So, I started to apply my methods and strategies to get my clients


The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen


is a business built on a serious passion, a passion for cake. Who doesn’t share that, right?

They are a business wholly owned and operated by three amazing women, that employs women. They work hard and make great cake.

But, as the great Michael Neil once said about coffee, “There’s no point making great coffee if no one knows you make great coffee. And, there’s no point telling everyone you make great coffee, if your coffee isn’t that great.” The same applies to cake. VCK make great cake, no doubt.


But, they weren’t telling enough of the right people. They weren’t connecting. And, they weren’t looking at other ways of making money, than just selling cakes in a tea room and shop…until they started applying my CONNECTED methods. Fast forward 12 months and they were shortlisted for a national small business award, and have made changes in their business that they never thought they’d be brave enough to.

"Michele is amazing. She showed us ways to look at our business that we never would have thought of ourselves because she understands women in business. She believed in us and pushed us when we need it. We never would have even entered ourselves for an award without her support and to be shortlisted was just incredible."

Again, a very different businesses. Very different people running those businesses. But, they followed and implemented my methods and their businesses literally flew. Business came in thick and fast from directions they never anticipated it would.

Their bank accounts were healthier and they were happier. And that has a knock-on effect of course.

Their relationships improved, they satisfied some of their personal passions, like travelling for example, and they felt more personally fulfilled.


That was the point at which I started to notice a pattern.

I had developed a specific formula

for success with these businesses that, when they added their commitment and consistency, meant their growth was phenomenal. Not only that, but it came easily.

High paying clients seemed to flow in almost effortlessly and much more quickly

than they had before and their passion for what they did grew too.


If you want this for you and your business too. If you want to run your business on your terms, according to your dreams and desires. If you want freedom,

both financially and emotionally,


Step 1   Decide that Enough is Enough

                   Realise that no one is coming to rescue you. Your life doesn’t

                   get better by chance, it gets better by change. Take your power

                   back and decide to make things happen for you.


Step 2   Get Connected – Reach Out

                    By far, one of my biggest lessons has been around NOT trying

                    to GO IT ALONE. When I began reaching out for, and accepting

                    help, I made PHENOMENAL shifts in my progress, personally

                    and professionally. We’re simply not meant to journey alone.


Step 3   Focus In

                    When you decide that change has to happen, you need to apply

                    razor sharp FOCUS in order to make real progress. Working

                    with someone, and being a part of a community, where you’re

                    encouraged, nurtured and held accountable is a crucial part of

                    making that happen.    

Here's what you need to know...

This programme combines the best of world class training and coaching in a format that means you can do it at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space


You get fully personalised coaching. The ONLY other way to get this level of support and personalised help and guidance, would be to book a One-to-One Coaching package with me at a cost of £1200 for 6 sessions. That’s right, acoaching package alone would cost more than the price of this entire programme.


You get a STEP by STEP simple process that is easy to implement and will only take a few hours a week


You can do this at your own pace and in your own space.


You join a POWERFUL COMMUNITY of women who are in just the place you are and are coming along on the journey with you. Don’t underestimate the incredible power of being a part of a community like this. Your progress will be turbo boosted by being able to share within the group. You’ll connect with amazing women and be able to explore opportunities to work together, joint venture, make use of each other’s skills and even make lasting new friendships.

You will be held accountable my ME. It goes without saying that you’ll get the very best of the best that I have in terms of my training and coaching but, in order to make things really happen for you, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you meet your intentions for you and your business, even if it means me giving you some tough love when you need it.

So, let’s talk about how CONNECTED is going to help you get everything you need and more, and how you can be a part of it.

Let me walk you through the programme…

Part 1:   CLARITY

You will unpack and unravel everything that’s happening for you right now so that we can identify whether there’s a disconnect, and where you can benefit from getting Connected. You’ll get total

clarity on your purpose and your passion, on what it is you’re here to do and who you’re meant to serve.


Using a simple method, you will carve out your own unique business model. You will design a business that allows you to work how you want to, where you want to and with high paying dream clients. Not only that, but you’ll have time to spend with the people you love, doing things that light you up!


You will drill down and refine your message so that you can communicate it with total confidence in a way that will have the work and the money coming to you in abundance, rather than you having to go out and search for it.


You will learn how to apply the Connectedness model so that your

connections are deep and lasting. You will be able to connect with people you never thought you could, even people you consider are out of your league. You will easily be able to explore chances to promote what you do, to create affiliations and joint venture opportunities, all without feeling salesy, pushy, inauthentic uncomfortable.

Part 4:   CONFINES

When we commit to growing our business, it’s easy to put our self-care on the back burner. The point of growth is the point it is more important than ever! You need energy and focus. So, you will learn how to set clear boundaries so that you switch off from your clients, your gadgets and your thoughts, and spend time doing things that keep you physically and emotionally healthy.


The connections within the programme private group will turbo boost and enhance what you do. You will discuss and road test

ideas and products, get honest feedback, explore opportunities to work together and even develop lasting friendships. The value of having a safe space to go to when things get tough or you need a lift, or when you just feel in need of some support and encouragement simply CANNOT BE OVER ESTIMATED. You can't put a price on that!


We fabulous women often forget to celebrate our achievements. During this programme, you will have done things and achieved things that, before you started, you just didn’t think were possible. That HAS to be celebrated. You HAVE TO enjoy your spoils. We want to share in the joy of your success because when you share, the success increases, right? You’re no longer playing and thinking small, so let’s CELEBRATE loud and proud. And, at this point, let’s commit to continuing the journey together. This is just the beginning.

Want to be a part of it?

Sign up here...


Everything happens Online within a completely Private Facebook Group

over 8 weeks from X Xxxx 2019


There will be weekly LIVE sessions to deliver and deep dive in to each ‘Part’ of the programme and to set Actions


Weekly LIVE Group Mentoring Sessions to answer your needs, concerns

and questions following the deep dives


1 x Half Day Virtual CELEBRATION Workshop in the Final Week


I am only taking a limited number of people in to the programme because I want to give you THE BEST of my time, energy and commitment. I truly want you to succeed and build the BUSINESS and LIFE you dream of and DESERVE.


If you book before XX Xxxx, you will get CONNECTED for the Fast-Action Charter Member price of just £895 AND, you will get the following BONUSES too…


Access to my best selling How to Avoid Burnout audio programme


As busy women in business who are following our passions, it’s easy to let our self-care slip and, when that happens, we risk burnout. You will be able to listen to this programme any time you like, whenever you feel that burnout and overwhelm creeping in. It’s like having a personal coach right there in your ear.


A One to One Connection Accelerator Session

In this powerful, deep dive session...just you and ME, we can do some powerful clearing ahead of our start date, so that you totally hit the ground running when we start the programme. The bottom line is that I can more for you, the more connected we are. The more I know about where you and what you want for you and your business, the faster things will happen for you, and the quicker we cant get that business and money flowing in for you.










Here’s the thing. You have a statutory 14 days to cancel once you’ve booked on the programme but I’ll go even further for you. If you complete the entire programme and you haven’t loved it, let me know at the end of the programme. You can keep all the course materials and I’ll refund you in full.


P.S. If you still worried about whether this is right for YOU but you know you want

       everything I’ve talked about, here’s what I’d say. DO THE PROGRAMME. I’ve given you

       my personal GUARANTEE to take any feeling of risk out of it for you.

P.S. If you KNOW you NEED THIS but STILL have questions, TALK TO ME.

       Call me on 0845 22 42 821, email me at or go to and use the BOOK NOW button. I’ll be

       completely honest with you about whether I think this is right for you. If it isn’t a

       fit, it won’t work for either of us.