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I’m totally committed to sharing the most powerful of my tools and strategies with you. 

You don’t have to search around for the right kind of help anymore. Of the thousands of things I’ve tried, I’ve selected the most effective, easy to apply and powerful stuff for you. So, if you dream of having the time and energy you need in order

to do all the things you

dream of, get in touch NOW!


Take a look at how we can

work together HERE


If you’ve reached this site, chances are you’re a fabulous creative entrepreneurial woman who is just too

crazy busy to really focus on all those amazing ideas, projects and plans you're aching to put in place. And when it comes to thinking about YOU...well, forget it, right? You're so busy managing all the aspects of your life that demand your attention,...the many heads we wear and roles we have to ownerpartner, carer, parent, employee, boss, friend...there's just no time and energy left to do all the things you'd desperately love to do!


I've been surrounded by chaos, pretty much all my life. Firstly as an only child of a single parent mother who was a violent paranoid schizophrenic. I know, right?! Forward on, and I went on to have a 20+ year career in Advertising & the Creative Industries. If you've ever watched Madmen, you'll know how chaotic that is! Throughout my life I've had to develop my own tools and strategies in order to survive and to thrive and to help others embrace, manage and use chaos to work powerfully FOR them.  


Digital via Skype, Zoom or Similar


This is a 3 MONTH intensive coaching programme, just you and me, still totally focussed on YOU and YOUR STUFF but over 3 months and via your laptop, tablet or other device of your choice.


We will schedule a 2hr session every week for 12 weeks. In between, you’ll get support and I’ll check in with you to see how you’re progressing.


WARNING: Serious transformations can occur during this process.

so what next?

If you'd like to go ahead, just fill out the application form below and we'll set up a time to chat.

If you're not sure what you need or you're still not sure whether this is the right thing for you, drop me an email at with “Call” in the subject or message me from my Facebook page at Tell me a bit about you and we can set up a time to have talk.


It’s important that we both feel there’s a good fit, and that I know you’re at the right stage before we consider working together. It’s only a chat initially. There’s no pressure and no obligation to commit to anything at that point, but an opportunity to discover if working together could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.


Big batshit crazy love to you. Mwah


Michele  x

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