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A way that means you can make the absolute right decisions and choices easily and effortlessly, live a life full of joy AND realise your dreams? A way that means you will have the TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM you long for. A way that means you have time and ENERGY for the people, things and experiences you LOVE while feeling fulfilled, confident and able to be YOUR BEST SELF. And, do you want to know how to do all that while operating from the HEART so that you feel fully CONNECTED in everything you do?

"Hang on there a mo  Michele, “DESIGN” your own life and business?

You're kidding right?

No! I can show you my PROVEN process that will get you away from living the way you think you ‘have to’ and create the life you truly long for.

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So, you've bought the books, maybe even read them (though, let's be honest, how many books do we have sitting looking good on the shelf that we haven't even opened?), followed the gurus, watched the TEDx talks, downloaded the free resources, bought and maybe even completed the online courses, but things STILL don't seem to be happening for you the way you want them to. Sound familiar?

There's nothing wrong with consuming all of that but need to just get one to one with someone who has the experience, skills and insight to just get a grip of things with you and show you the way forward. Someone who will listen, who gets you and who can see the way ahead clearly because they've been there.

Here’s the full story about how I’ve used my Life Path Design method with real people, real clients, to completely transform not only the way they live and work, but how they feel about their lives and their business. And here’s how you can put it to work for YOU.

Have you ever noticed...

Those people who seem to just have it all sorted? 

Those people who seem to sail through life?

Those people for who everything seems to just fall in to place?

Those people for who things seem to happen easily and effortlessly?

Those people who seem happy, content and self confident?

Those people who appear successful and financially secure?

  1. Naturally confident and self assured

  2. Clear about what their purpose is

  3. Organised and focussed

  4. Well supported

  5. Just born with something most people don't have 



Let's hear it from just one of the fabulous people I've worked with.

Rubbi Bhogal-Wood of Wild and Form Digital will tell you in her own words how working with me transformed things for her, in her LIFE and her BUSINESS >

Wild & Form

Life Path Design Academy



Want to know more?

Let's hear it from my clients...

Seventy7  : Multi Stream Creative Agency

A multi million pound turnover design and fashion production company with a fabulous female leader at the helm. They have over 100 incredibly creative staff and have won numerous industry accolades and awards.

BUT, there was chaos on the inside. Things got done and clients loved their work but profitability was rock bottom, staff absenteeism was at an all time high and it just wasn’t a happy camp. There was a complete lack of connection to what the business was and what its plans for the future were, causing insecurity and stress throughout the organisation.


I worked with them to harness the chaos and fully connect to their vision. They became connected to their message and were able to communicate that vision to their people, clients and potential clients. We freed up their people so that they could get on with doing what they do best – being creative.


Absenteeism dropped by 48% in the space of 6 months and new business started coming to them, rather than them having to go out and pitch for it. But, more importantly, it was a much much happier camp because there was internal connection. And, a happy camp is a productive camp.

"Michele's approach is different. We like that. She understood the challenges of a creative business but, more importantly, the challenges of a female leader. That was crucial. Simply put, she turned things around for me and for the business."

And then theres...


Matt J 1.jpg

The Photography Emporium...

is a business built on a serious passion, a passion for pictures. In today's social media savvy world, who can't relate to that?

Matthew sees beyond what the lens presents and has a skill for extracting the very essence of a person or a project.

Matthew Patterson is an entrepreneur. He is also creative. He always knew he wanted to build his own business but, like so many creative people, he just didn't think it was possible to follow his passion AND make a decent living. So, even though he bravely left his job in law to follow his dream of setting up his own business, Matthew didn't follow his real dream. He set up a business and made a relative financial success of it but he wan't happy and the business didn't run smoothly. You see, Matthew wasn't aligned with it. It was just a way of making a living. He had no passion for it and it was in no way satisfying his creativity or his entrepreneurial streak.

I worked with Matthew to uncover his real passions and skills. It turned out Matthew was a trained photographer. It turned out that photography, fashion, lifestyle was his real passions. But how could he build a business on it?

We then worked together to plan the way forward, to identify potential income streams, to identify niches and target markets...all that essential stuffy business stuff.  But I also worked with him to make sure all that got done without compromising or crushing his creativity.

Matthew now runs a thriving photography company working on projects as diverse as male sexual abuse charities and corporate events to weddings and other celebrations. He has refined his unique style of photography, created a solid brand and is feeling fully aligned to his business.

And, along the way, he became a Daddy too and I'm proud to say the freedom his business gives him affords him plenty of quality time with his little man and his family. This is as important to Matthew as providing for them financially.

"I do sometimes wonder how my life and business would be if I had not met Michele and I shudder at the thought.  I never thought I could be the person I am today and It's all down to Michele's hard work with me.."

Two very different businesses, I know, but that’s my point. By working with

me and applying my method, these businesses were able to focus, increase their passion for what they do, draw in business more easily, get clients paying what they’re worth and feel fully aligned. They also got their businesses to a stage where they could take time out for themselves for

the first time in a long time.


Now, I know you might be thinking “That’s all very well Michele. You make it sound so simple but you’ve probably got a degree and done a tonne of formal training. You probably got a good solid start and have had great support along the way.” Oh boy, you COULD NOT be more wrong. I come from a more disconnected background than you could possibly imagine.


I spent my early years, up to age 12, alone with my violent paranoid schizophrenic mother. I was surrounded by chaos almost all of the time. 

I had no extended family, no siblings, no Dad around and my mother had few friends. I was severely introverted, timid and sensitive. I developed a stammer and I became a natural target for bullies.


Because, at the time, I had little or no control over my situation or my mother and her condition, I became seriously lost. I have no idea where my path lay or where it would take me. I didn't even know there WAS a path.

BUT, even at that young age, I knew I was meant for something else. Something better. I knew deep down that I was here for a reason and so

what I needed were coping strategies and an escape plan. I had to survive until I had the chance to control my own life, to find my own path. 

I spent every available moment I had reading, watching, gathering inspiration. Studying other people's lives in order to work out what I was meant to do with my own. And then, age 12, I finally had all the knowledge and tools I needed to finally escape and begin living the life I was meant to live.

Since then, I have been continually researching, learning, developing, growing. I've invested hundreds of thousands of £'s and $'s in my own mentoring and coaching with some of the best in the world. The Life Path Design Method is my life's work based on real experience, not academic learning or regurgitated content and NOW I am sharing it with you so that you can get the absolute best out of your life, work and business. So that you can walk your own path.


Second Edit (10 of 45).jpg

You don't have to merely survive. You are meant to thrive.

Cracks start to appear and problems to present themselves when we try to live by someone else's design. When we follow the path we are told to or are taught we are  supposed to.


When you live like that, you're simply going against the grain. Life, work and business can feel like a trudge, like wading up hill through thick sludge. You can start to feel frustrated, irritable. You can wind up alienating the very people you're doing all this for...those you love. You can even make yourself ill.

If you're reading this, the chances are you are feeling some or all of that. There's probably a voice in your head telling you there must be more to life than this. A feeling in your gut that is telling you things should be different. A knowing deep inside that you're meant for something other than the life you're currently living.

Maybe you started working for yourself or running a business to escape the demands and restrictions of working for someone else and you're finding you're the toughest boss you've ever had. You're working long hours, your mind never switches off, your 'to do' list gets longer and longer each day and you have no time or energy for your family, your friends or yourself.



So, let's find it and get you living it before any more of this precious life whizzes by.


There's no extra time. No extension. No second time around.





• You've been in business at least 1 year

   and have reached a sticking point.

• You started a passion based business

   but the passion has gone. You've fallen

   out of love with what you do, how you

   do it or how little reward you're

   getting from it.

• You want to grow but you're not sure


• You've been trying to go it alone but

   realise you need the right kind of help.

• You run someone else's business and

   want to do have better ways of

   motivating people.

• You work for someone else but long to

   do your own thing.

• You know deep down that things

   should feel easier and more effortless.


• You know exactly what you want to do,

   where you want to go and how to go

   about it.

• You're making a consistently high

   income from your business.

• Your work/business/life balance is

   just right

• You have all the time and freedom you

   need and want.

• You can't wait to get up and go to work

   every day.

• You're not really ready to commit to


• You want someone to wave a magic

   wand for you or give you a secret

   formula (because those things, like

   unicorns, aren't real, no matter how many

   gurus try to sell you the promise).

Here's how it works...

This is NOT a pre designed, pre recorded or prescriptive programme.

I am not a cookie cutter and I DO NOT cut cookies!!!

This involves you and I working closely together, intensively looking at YOUR stuff for 12 WEEKS.

We will initially spend a FULL DAY together unpacking, breaking through and getting clear on what it is you want for yourself.

Every other week thereafter, we will have a 90 minute intensive coaching/mentoring call to catch up on direction, actions and implementation as well as checking in with YOU about how you're feeling.

Finally, we spend an intensive HALF DAY bringing everything together in to your Life Path Design Plan so that you can go away and implement everything with absolute confidence and clarity.

We spend 12 weeks unpacking, examining and extracting...




I will get to know you and YOU will get to know YOU in a way you possibly never have before.

THEN, and only then, we will start to plan a way forward for you and your life and/or business that will give YOU what you want and need in a way that is RIGHT FOR YOU.


Let's do this. The time is right. I cannot wait to start working with you.


Click the link below to apply and we will have an initial chat to see if it's a good fit for us both.


Life Path Design Accelerator is the Intellectual Property of Michele Henshaw | Michele Henshaw Associates Ltd, UK

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