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welcome TO THE


I’m thrilled you've decided to invest in yourself. Huge congratulations. It's such an

important first step.

I'm so excited for you because I know what being a part of this

programme can bring about for you. And you deserve it.





Here’s what will happen next. Once you’ve processed your payment, I'll invite you

to join our Private Facebook Group for the Programme where you can

introduce yourself to other participants and get familiar with the set up. 

Just leave your details in the box below so that I can send you all the information you need.









We will start Xxxxx XX Xxxxx with a Content Post of around 45minutes-1hr.

This will include information but also, crucially, things you can 

implement immediately. The key object of this programme is to get you to

take action so that you can begin to create your own Life Path Design.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about getting going with you on this. 

See you on the 21st in the Life Path Design Online group.

Huge love.


Michele x

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