The programme that shows you exactly how to

have a successful business that's heart driven, conscious and mindful, using a simple method that's proven to get people queuing up to work with you and that will bring you the joy, freedom and money you dream of and deserve.


THE most important thing for you and your business is getting solid foundations to build on, a strong core, so that your business can provide the life you dream of and deserve.

All too often, we start a business from experience or skillset and find IT starts to dictate what kind of life we can have...or whether we can have a life at all.


This powerful but easy to implement programme will give you everything you need to plan for getting your Life and Business working together to provide that amazing life.

Fully online. At your own pace in your own space. Video guided modules and transformative exercises that will change the way you think, help you to make decisions and choices easier and get you designing your own future.

ONLY £125



12 weeks to Powerful Transformation.

One on One, deep dive Coaching and Mentoring with me starting with a Full Day (in person or virtual) of unpacking and creating your own Life Path Design.

Whether you want change in your Life or your Business, it all starts with YOU. It starts with getting clear on what you want, what's important and identifying the RIGHT way for you to go about it.

Once you're clear on that, the way forward for you AND your business feels much easier, achievable and exciting.

When you work with me, I commit to giving you ALL my best stuff - decades of business and personal development experience. That's quite a toolkit!

Life Path Design Accelerator is a 'by application only' programme. Payment options are available and can be discussed after application.




• You're the DIY type and want some quick, simple but powerful strategies you can implement yourself. OR,

• If you're just STUCK and need to get unstuck OR

• If you've gone through one of my courses or programmes and need some additional support and guidance,

Turbo Coaching Sessions may be just what you need.

Sometimes you just need to get it all out of your head and have someone else make sense of it for you, give you a breakthrough.

Turbo Coaching Sessions are one-off, book-as-you-go sessions you can tap in to whenever you feel the need.

The sessions are 1hr online video calls booked in advance.

Follow the link in the 'Book Now' button below and book a 'Turbo Coaching Session'. Once you have book a slot, you will be sent a payment link.

ONLY £225



If you're looking for a quick and powerful breakthrough for you and your business and you are a demon implementor, sometimes you just need someone to show you the way. Someone who has walked ahead of you on the road you're travelling and knows where the obstacles, road blocks, diversions, best vistas and best routes are. Someone who can lead you QUICKLY to where you want to go.

When you spend a DAY with me, virtually or in person, we don't hang around. We get our sleeves rolled up and you leave with your rubber on the road, ready to power ahead.

You'll have a clear plan, your own bespoke roadmap and your bag will be packed with everything you need for the journey ahead.


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