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If you’ve made it here, congratulations. You've already taken a step towards the change you're craving.




This programme is for you if you’re ready to claim your power and potential in your life, work, and/or business. If you’ve realised that going it alone takes much longer, and can be much more difficult than reaching out for the right kind of guidance and support. It's for you

if you're tired of being in the shadows and are ready to shine.


We can work in one of TWO ways...


Face to Face in a Beautiful Space


We will spend a FULL DAY together, at a fabulous venue in the north of England creating, developing, goal setting, planning and doing powerful, life-shifting stuff connected to YOU and your needs, wants and desires.


We will also find time to eat great, nutritional, energising food and also put time aside to be pampered and revitalised.


WARNING: Serious transformations can occur during this process.


Digital via Skype, Zoom or Similar


This is a 3 MONTH intensive coaching programme, just you and me, still totally focussed on YOU and YOUR STUFF but over 3 months and via your laptop, tablet or other device of your choice.


We will schedule a 2hr session every week for 12 weeks. In between, you’ll get support and I’ll check in with you to see how you’re progressing.


WARNING: Serious transformations can occur during this process.

so what next?

If you'd like to go ahead, just fill out the application form below and we'll set up a time to chat.

If you're not sure what you need or you're still not sure whether this is the right thing for you, drop me an email at with “Call” in the subject or message me from my Facebook page at Tell me a bit about you and we can set up a time to have talk.


It’s important that we both feel there’s a good fit, and that I know you’re at the right stage before we consider working together. It’s only a chat initially. There’s no pressure and no obligation to commit to anything at that point, but an opportunity to discover if working together could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.


Big batshit crazy love to you. Mwah


Michele  x

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