STRESS...A MODERN INVENTION? | Musings on International Stress Awareness Week #stressawareness

As I write, it's International Stress Awareness Week. What the bejeezers does that mean? And, what are we expected to do?

My Dad used to say that stress is a modern invention. I think what he meant was that the word 'stress' is a fairly new addition to our vocabulary. Of course stress has existed since the beginning of time. Not that I'm that old you understand, but I read history. I see that it's been happening since time began.

I mean, imagine the stress our early ancestors experienced in just trying to survive. To find food and to protect themselves. Imagine the stress of being a faith among other faiths, trying to stay true but being persecuted and hunted. Imagine the stress of being a citizen of a warring nation. Imagine being labelled a witch for creating home remedies and risking being burned at the stake. Imagine the stress of being told you have to go to war, despite being a pacifist. I could go on and on. But her