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Hi love,

Firstly, THANK YOU. I just wanted to say that because if you're taking time out of your busy life to stop by and read my musings, I am VERY grateful. Gratitude Park is definitely where I'm sitting to reflect this week.

April has been a serious rollercoaster. I've experienced some incredible highs as the book I've been a co-author of has made its way out into the world and some scary the book I've been a co-author of made its way out into the world.

Throughout the process of writing my contribution to the book (Phoenix Rising - see link below), all 22 authors had regular meetups, to talk about what we needed to do to meet the various deadlines, but also to support, encourage and even heal each other when and where necessary. All the incredible women who came together to write this book are gifted coaches, mentors, healers and lightworkers so believe me, the energy in the group was palpable. I'm so grateful for that and for the women I got to share the experience with. That said, there were points on the ride when I just wanted to get off! Writing, as I well know, is a '2 steps forward, 3 steps back' thing at times, and this was no different. Writers' block is very real whatever the subject you're writing about, but when you're writing about your own very personal story, the fear dial gets turned way up. Vulnerability, worthiness, judgement, they all show up like uninvited spectres. The climb to the top of the ride slows, often to a stop, and it's scary there at the top of the rollercoaster, right? The truth is though, we have to finish the ride and often the rush you get from freewheeling down from those stuck points, is exhilarating, not to mention the sense of satisfaction you get when you reach the end and step off amidst an adrenaline surge or huge sense of relief depending on your feelings about rollercoasters.

All through the ride, every one of us procrastinated at times and offered each other plenty of reasons why we hadn't made progress, why we hadn't met a deadline, why we couldn't dedicate the time to it. These were just stories we were telling each other and crucially, telling ourselves. Once we understood that, admitted it to ourselves. and to each other and worked together to unpack the real stories, we were able to remove the blocks and get creating and moving forward.

Stories are so powerful, but what we often don't realise is that we are the editors and creators of our stories, which means we can change or rewrite them any time we choose to. One huge thing I learned from writing this book and being part of that incredible co-author community, is that it's so difficult to do that without help and support. Possible yes, but difficult and why do 'difficult' when you can reach out to those who have gone before you and done the work and can show you how?

For over 17 years now, I've been working with people to identify, understand, heal and rewrite their stories, people who have been struggling in various areas of their lives: relationships, health, business, money for instance, and have not been able to identify how their stories were formed or to realise that there were stories that were causing the blocks and holding them back. I'm not very good at promoting myself and my work - ask my coaches and clients, but I can say with huge amounts of confidence and total conviction, because the evidence and clients confirm it, that this work is truly transformational. Is it easy to look at your story? No, it takes work and commitment and an amount of courage. Is it worth it to see things change for the better beyond anything you can have imagined, damn right it is!

As a 'thank you' for being a part of my story and my community, I'm offering up some 'Story Breakthrough' sessions throughout May as a kind of a trial. So, if you want to get a taster for what it's like working with me, what this story healing work is all about, or you just feel you need a quick breakthrough or kickstart, grab one of these 90 minute sessions HERE.

You can also work with me privately, more deeply, on a programme of sessions or if you're a 'just get it done' kind of person, via a VIP Day. Email or DM me via social media to find out more.

If you're riding the rollercoaster right now, don't try to get off. Not only is it dangerous to jump off part way through, but you might just miss the excitement and exhilaration that's still to come.

Much love Michele x

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