Matthew J Patterson



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"I do sometimes wonder how my life and business would be if I had not met Michele and I shudder at the thought.  I never thought I could be the person I am today and It's all down to Michele's hard work with me.."

Matthew is an entrepreneur. He is also creative. He has a unique talent for seeing beyond what the lens sees and a skill for extracing the essence of a person or a brand. He always knew he wanted to build his own business but, like so many creative people, he just didn't think it was possible to follow his passion AND make a decent living. So, even though he bravely left his job in law to follow his dream of setting up his own business, Matthew didn't follow his real dream. He set up a business and made a relative financial success of it but he wan't happy and the business didn't run smoothly. You see, Matthew wasn't aligned with it. It was just a way of making a living. He had no passion for it and it was in no way satisfying his creativity or his entrepreneurial streak.

I worked with Matthew to uncover his real passions and skills. It turned out Matthew was a trained photographer. It turned out that photography, fashion, lifestyle was his real passions. But how could he build a business on it?

We then worked together to plan the way forward, to identify potential income streams, to identify niches and target markets...all that essential stuffy business stuff.  But I also worked with him to make sure all that got done without compromising or crushing his creativity.

Matthew now runs a thriving photography company working on projects as diverse as male sexual abuse charities and corporate events to weddings and other celebrations. He has refined his unique style of photography, created a solid brand and is feeling fully aligned to his business.

And, along the way, he became a Daddy too and I'm proud to say the freedom his business gives him affords him plenty of quality time with his little man and his family. This is as important to Matthew as providing for them financially.

A multi million pound turnover design and fashion production company with a fabulous female leader at the helm. They have over 100 incredibly creative staff and have won numerous industry accolades and awards.

BUT, there was chaos on the inside. Things got done and clients loved their work but profitability was rock bottom, staff absenteeism was at an all time high and it just wasn’t a happy camp. There was a complete lack of connection to what the business was and what its plans for the future were, causing insecurity and stress throughout the organisation.


I worked with them to harness the chaos and fully connect to their vision. They became connected to their message and were able to communicate that vision to their people, clients and potential clients. We freed up their people so that they could get on with doing what they do best – being creative.


Absenteeism dropped by 48% in the space of 6 months and new business started coming to them, rather than them having to go out and pitch for it. But, more importantly, it was a much much happier camp because there was internal connection. And, a happy camp is a productive camp.