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Hello lovely path seeker,

Welcome your FREE 'How to Walk Your Own Path' booklet. Happy reading.

I'm thrilled you've chosen to join my gorgeous community. I look forward to hearing how you get on with the booklet and to getting to know more about you and what you need. You can email me at

Don't forget to check in to my Private Facebook Group Life Path Design Community for deeper insights, regular features and news about new programmes, workshops, retreats etc. It's a safe, supportive, sharing space with an incredible energy and is packed to the rafters with amazing people seeking or walking their own path.


DON'T FORGET... if you haven't already bought my Kindle/Ebook 'Your Path to Freedom' you really should. Freedom means so many different things to each of us. Until you're clear about what YOUR version of Freedom looks and feels like, you can't claim it and you deserve to claim it lovely one. The book is full of inspiration stories (my own included) and will take you by the hand, leading you step by step through easy to implement but powerfully transformational practices and exercises. Click the link to go and check it out. GET THE BOOK HERE

Take good care lovely one.

Michele x

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