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It's #WorldGratitudeDay and it's 2020. Phew, what a

doozy of a year so far! You could be forgiven for thinking there's not much to be grateful for but the truth is, this crazy season (that shall go unnamed as far as I'm concerned), has given me MORE reasons to be grateful than ever before.

We've had TIME. Time to reflect, to re evaluate, to shine a light on our physical and emotional health and that of the people we care about. Time to slow down. Time to connect with nature and mother earth as we watched her heal in front of our eyes while the world took a break from using and abusing her and her abundant generosity. Time to consider what would come next. Time to think about doing things a little differently from now on.

We've been given chance to APPRECIATE. Those often unseen and unheard heroes who help us keep our lives on track who have finally been put in the spotlight so they can be celebrated. Heroes that have come in all manner of different forms and from places we would never expect, from our health workers and emergency support services to the neighbours who have brought us supplies and a smile when we most needed them. We realised what's really important.

We've been given the gift of seeing in to the FUTURE. We had a glimpse of how life could be. A slower, more compassionate, more considered way of living. Less greed, less speed, less selfishness. Less is more. We learned to value food, people, time and nature rather than things and having. We've seen how the planet can begin to heal when we stop ravaging it and taking it for granted. When we appreciate how it provides for us and realise it can't continue too if we persist with our greed for more. We've seen what happens when we take only what we need, as we were always supposed to.

We realised that what's important, above all else, is CONNECTION. Connection to other people, connection to our health and well being, connection to mother earth and most of all, connection to ourselves. Never before have we had the time to just be still enough to think and feel about what's important the way we have this year.

There are many things I'm grateful for today, at this point in this crazy year. There are many things I'm grateful for each and every day. Gratitude is a huge part of my daily practice always. Today though, on this special day, I'm mostly grateful for gratitude itself. For its power to heal, bring perspective, to lift us, empower us and to connect us to ourselves and to others.

My daily gratitude practice involves listing at least 3 things (it's usually more) that I'm grateful for that day. It's a powerful way to end the day. I do it by either journalling or by praying because they're my things. Maybe you prefer to just make a list in your own mind. Maybe you like to record it in to your phone. Maybe you like to share it with someone. Whatever works for you. I just encourage you to do it. Not just today, but every day. Watch what wonder and magic unfolds for you as a result.

Come back and tell me. I'd love to know.


Michele x


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