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Bloomin' heck, as we say up here in the north of England. The energy of this latest partial lunar eclipse is a doozy isn't it? Are you feeling it? Things feel seriously stirred up and it's got me feeling unsettled and discombobulated. How about you?

Whether you're woo or not, no one can dispute the energy of the moon. It pulls and pushes tides. If it can do that to the ocean and we mere mortals are made up of over 60% water (the heart and brain are 73% water), well it's no wonder we feel the effects is it? My gorgeous and deeply spiritual Dad used to swear he couldn't sleep during the full moon. I always joked that it was probably because his bedroom always seemed to be facing towards the moon and its light shone straight in. In truth, we both knew that 'the force was strong' with us around changes in the moon cycle.

This partial eclipse is the start of a whole series of chaotic and transformative eclipses that will run right up to 2023 and is connected to the 'Great Conjunction' of 2020. You might remember me banging on about that just a bit. If not, make sure you catch up on it all. It marked the beginning of a 200 year period in the AIR element that will see things getting blustery and even stormy at times as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

(Photo : Jacob Dyer for Unsplash)

As if all that wasn't enough, today, 19 November 2021, gives us a Full Moon in Taurus.

Full moons are always about releasing because as the moon wanes, or moves away, it takes away. This Taurus bull energy coupled with the eclipse energy can give your letting go a bit of a turbo boost and a chance to spend the next couple of weeks (up to the new moon) thinking about what you want to change up, transform or call in. New moons are always about new beginnings, setting intentions and starting new things, doing things anew but more about that later.

The partial lunar eclipse and Taurus moon showing up in Scorpio season can have us feeling intense, ungrouded and frankly a bit discombobulated! If so, it's good news because the Taurus Full Moon will help us to get grounded with its earthy nurturing energy. It won't necessarily be a smooth transition though with that eclipse energy around. Eclipses take us in to the dark to prepare for transformation and so that we can appreciate the light.


I don't know about you, but this last crazy year or so has had me reflecting and re evaluating like billio. It's shone a spotlight on what doesn't work for me, what's holding me back and why I can sometimes just feel tethered and stuck. It's also had me doubting and second guessing myself. Frankly, it's time to let go of all that shizzle and nonsense and there's no better time than now.


Well, think about what you want and need to release, let go of, rid yourself of. Whether it's old clothes, clutter, your job, business or relationship or whether it's those pesky negative thought patterns; self doubt, imposter syndrome, feelings of not being good enough or being critical and judgemental of others, now is the time to say goodbye it all. You know it is, right love? It's time for some serious reflection. It might help to ask yourself these questions...

  1. Where are you lacking structure or security?

  2. Where do you need grounding?

  3. Where could you simplify things?

  4. What are you denying yourself?

Answer with brutal honesty. It's you talking to the real you and nothing short of raw honesty will get you where you need and want to be.

THEN...Write it all down, a list of everything you're ready to release It's well proven that there is almost nothing as powerful as the connection between writing and the brain when it comes to communicating, releasing, manifesting. I won't go in to the science right here and now but trust me, writing down what you want is powerful. Remember though, you can't determine how it happens so brace yourself and ground yourself. Here's how I do this work and I'll also share other things you can consider if you feel inclined.


I have my favourite Full Moon ritual that usually involves laying out my favourite cleansed crystals, putting out my statue of the Goddess Shiva, lighting a candle and reading out what I've written, what I intend to release, under the glow of the moon's light. I then burn my list in the flame of the candle, symbolically releasing, and sprinkle the ashes on the garden. Alternatively, you can tear it in to pieces and leave it in a bowl of water until morning. In both cases, you're inviting mother Moon to take away what you've listed. You're welcome to borrow my little ritual or you can create your own, or you can simply just read out your list and feel it in your heart. Read it more than once if you can, to fully embed it. Don't worry if you can't get to this on the day. The energy of the Full Moon is around for a few days. Just cast your eyes skyward and if you feel the full moon energy, you're good to go.


There are some things that are particularly relevant to this Taurus moon. If you feel inclined, you could use them in your own ritual.

TAURUS GODDESS, Hestia - Protectress of Homes. Peace & Stability. Display a picture.

TAURUS ARCHANGEL, Chamuel - Peace and Justice. Love and Light. Display a picture.

TAURUS CRYSTALS, Jade - Heart Chakra, clears confusion. Selenite - 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras, uplifting.

TAURUS ESSENTIAL OILS, Ylang Ylang - Calming. Vetiver - Connecting to Nature, Grounding. Sage - Balancing

Please note: DON'T cleanse your crystals during an eclipse. Eclipse energy can be chaotic and tumultuous and you don't want to draw that energy in to your precious crystals.

However you choose to mark this Full Moon, just please mark it. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. You deserve to feel free, untethered and released so that you can follow your dreams and desires. The universe wants that for you too.


Life Path and Word Witchery

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If you are particularly drawn to the cycles and power of the moon, check out

Yasmin Boland


If you're interested in finding out more about how the moon features in Astrology


If you would like to know more about how to work with Angels

Tarot & The Hero's Journey

If you'd like to explore how tarot and the Hero's Journey works with the moon, Tiffany Crosara,

These are all people whose work I have experienced first hand and Tiffany and Aishling are good personal friends of mine. I would never recommend or endorse anyone or anything I don't have absolute faith in.

Have fun and Happy Full Moon my loves. Big love,

Michele x


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