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Hi loves,

Happy 111 Day, 11th January. Here in the UK, we're told to call 111 when we have a medical concern that isn't a 999 emergency, but the symbolism and meaning of this magical number sequence, goes much deeper than that.

The number 1, in numerology and angel language, is thought to be an indicator of independence, independent thinking, leadership and of manifestation. In Angel circles, it is believed to indicate that angels are with us, ready to guide us. The number one also signifies new beginnings.

The number 11 is the Master Number in numerology and signifies understanding your soul mission and purpose, your uniqueness. It calls you to be you, to follow your intuition and use your own voice, to walk your own path.

Combine the energy and symbolism of these two numbers and 111 can bring you opportunities to search your soul, be bravely honest with yourself about what you want, to seek a new path or take a new route, to follow your intuition and to manifest magnificently.

But what does that all really mean and more specifically, what does it mean for you? When you see or experience these numbers, if they present themselves to you, for instance, if you find yourself on that date in the calendar, like today, or if they appear on your watch or clock, your shopping receipt etc, you can choose to see it as a sign that you have an opportunity, a portal that will sort of turbo boost these things for you....IF you choose to receive the message and take appropriate action. Wow, eh? I know it seems big. It is! It can be quite a responsibility when we choose or decide to see and believe in these things. Most people will step away from it, shun the woowoo. That was me once. I found it impossible to believe that anyone other than little ol' me could do anything to help shape my life and let's be honest, most of the time, I didn't even believe that I could. The thing is, the truth is, we all need something to believe in and we all need someone to believe in us. It's just a matter of making a choice, a decision. Choice is the most powerful gift we were given. Whether we use it and how we use it, can define our whole life experience. Some of the most grounded, self assured and content and intuitive individuals I know, have a belief in something greater than themselves, often something that can't quite be fully explained. In some cultures and circles, I guess it could be called 'faith'. Maybe this subject needs a whole other blog so I'll leave it there for now. So my lovely, as you go about your 111 day, keep your eyes peeled, your heart and mind open and, even if just for today, play with choosing to believe (if you don't already), and just see what happens. It's bound to be fun and interesting and fun and interesting are always good aren't they?


Make a note of any number 1 nudges you get today and where, and in what situation, you see them. Later, when you have time to sit, reflect on what you've noted and feel into whether it carries any messages or meanings for you. Much love, Michele

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