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As the late, great David Bowie said so beautifully, when life doesn't 'taste so sweet', it's usually an indication that it's time to face ourselves with complete honesty. How often do you take the time or opportunity to do that? Well, this week and until the end of the month, you have a perfect window. Will you open it"

Bowie wrote...

"So I turned myself to face me

But I've never caught a glimpse

Of how the others must see the faker

I'm much too fast to take that test."

Now, if you're anything like me, you won't be consciously faking, hiding or not acknowledging all the fabulous sides of yourself that deserve to be out playing. You'll likely have heard me talk a lot about the avatars I've created at various points in my life in order to cope with whatever was going on, to try to fit in and frankly, just to survive. They were all versions of me, but I had separated them for functionality. The irony is, while they were separated, they weren't functioning well at all. It's only when I decided to be brave enough to go deep within and explore all those versions of me, acknowledging all their frailties, qualities and strengths that I was able to bring them all 'home' together and boy, did they go to work for me. What a team!

Today, November 27 2023, is a full moon. It's a Gemini full moon. The two faces of Gemini represent both our mortal physical self and our infinite spiritual soul self. It invites us to examine all faces of ourselves, and to uncover, explore and connect to our inner wisdom, to our whole selves.

Full moons are always a time to release, let go and go within, but this particular time around the Gemini full moon is introspective and powerful. There are planets and goddesses playing out and causing mischief too. Mars is showing up. He is the fighter, the warrior but also likes a bit of a fight, a bit of conflict. He can also give us courage and spur us into action though. Goddess Lilith is having none of that though. She is beautiful and fierce and brave. She won't be pushed around by Mars. During this time, about a week or so, as these two feisty forces dance with each other, there might be some fiery energy messing with our equilibrium. You might feel unsettled and discombobulated (one of my favourite words...says it all doesn't it?) This full moon period is all about words, language, messages and communication so it's right up my street. It's time to think about how we talk to ourselves, how we talk to others, our messaging. Words and language are, without a doubt, the most powerful ways of uncovering and rewriting your story, if that's what's needed, and there's no better time than a full moon for doing that. Patterns of thought create patterns of language. Patterns of language create patterns of behaviour. The only ways to really change our stories, is to mind our language and change it! Remember what I always say though, that language isn't just about words and words aren't only expressed verbally. The pen, paper paints and canvas can be just as powerful in exploring and expressing what we're feeling and in telling our story.

As a passionate lover of words and language, I use any and all of these forms of exploration and expression in my therapy and coaching. I often do the work myself alongside my clients as we write, edit, create and develop their stories.

Here's a sneak peak into what I'll be doing tonight to examine and refine my own story:


• Light a white candle (for clarity), take 3 deep breaths and write freely, answering the questions...

1. "What do I need to release?"

2. "Do I empower myself and others with my words?"

3. "How can I talk to myself more positively?"

Try to be brutally honest. No one is going to see your responses unless you allow them to. Be as descriptive as you can and let yourself flow with the answers. Either write, draw/paint, or record your responses. Whatever works best for you.


Take your writing/list, fold it and place it on top of a glass of clean, clear water. Leave it somewhere it can sit in the light of Bella Luna, on a windowsill for example. If you prefer to leave it outside, make sure you cover it well so it can't be contaminated.

In the morning, re read/listen to/look at what you created and feel it deeply before returning it to the earth...plant, scatter or release into water. Give thanks to mother moon for taking your thoughts and feelings and trust her to do what needs to be done.

I'm always happy for you to use what I give you, but of course you should develop your own rituals, practices and mantras if mine don't quite resonate.

Have fun with this love. It should always be fun!

If you're new to all this kind of thing, if you know you want to look at your story, if you don't know where to start or just want someone to take you by the hand and get editing, rewriting and creating, I'm here for private coaching. Just reach out. I'll never do the hard sell thing.

Michele x

Places we can connect...

Get the book: Your Path to Freedom

Private Facebook Group: Words and Woowoo



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