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Hi and welcome to the Batshit Crazy community.

I'm Michelle, and I created the Batshit Crazy Foundation in order to share what I learned from being raised, as an only child for the most part, by a violent paranoid schizophrenic mother until the age of 12.

What that meant for me, was years and years of living in pretty much constant, deep seated fear. experiencing all colours of horror. But it also meant years of learning that eventually led to my escape, and enabled me to move on to a life crammed full of great stuff.

I learned many many things from my beautiful tortured soul of a mother. One of the key things being that we can all benefit from being a little Batshit Crazy. Yup, that's right. We need a bit of Batshit Crazy to survive and thrive in this batshit crazy world. The thing is has to be harnessed in the right way. Channelled to produce good stuff, NOT to torture ourselves or others.

You see, both my parents were incredibly creative and talented individuals. My mother a trained opera singer and UK champion latin american dance champion, and my father a talented jazz saxophonist and painter. You could definitely see a little crazy in their artistic expression, but that's what made them great at what they did. It was their batshit craziness that made them vibrant and unique.

Unfortunately though, neither of my parents really knew how to harness their Batshit Crazy in a way that would work for them. When they weren't able to express themselves through their chosen artistic channels, they both found it difficult, and in my mother's case, virtually impossible, to function in the real world. My father would shut down and retreat within himself, sometimes turning to the bottle. My mother would let her torture be known....seen clearly and heard loudly. She frequently descended in to prolonged violent outbursts that were usually directed at me! If she didn't padlock me away in my room so that there was one less thing to deal with, she would lock herself away, sometimes for days on end. She was sectioned on numerous occasions.

The thing is, while their craziness was the incredible fuel for their creativity, without knowing how to harness it properly, it was also the badly stored and dangerously handled gunpowder that could explode at any moment, doing untold damage to anything and anyone in the vicinity.

Through the Batshit Crazy Foundation, it's my mission to encourage YOU to embraceyour inner Batshit Crazy and to harness it to do powerfully GOOD stuff in your life and your business. When we learn how to do that, as I have, we experience the incredible freedom, creativity and satisfaction that comes with being just a tad batshit crazy.

Batshit Crazy is definitely the kind of shit that should be spread around. Help me do it?

Much crazy love,

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