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Hi loves,

The first full moon of 2023 (kind of...see my previous blog) happens tonight, 6 January and, for me, it's a timely one. It falls right in line with what I've been receiving and talking about so far this month. Well, nothing happens by accident does it?

I've been talking a lot about colours, our colours, our true colours and about exploring them, uncovering, identifying them and being brave enough to show them. Our colours are the pallet we paint our story with and you know how passionate I am about story. Uncovering, editing, rewriting and creating new stories is what I'm all about because we can and because when we learn how to, and allow ourselves to believe it, it changes everything. As an eighties songbird said "Don't be afraid to let them show. Your true colours, beautiful, like a rainbow."

This full moon in Cancer, a true water sign, is all about reflection and introspection. It invites us to face ourselves and our past, like looking at our reflection in the water. Water can ripple though, so we may not see things clearly at first and may even see things that aren't really there or misinterpret what we see. That's why this Cancer moon whispers "Be still. Be patient. Be with yourself." Let things settle, let the ripples become a mirror and pay attention to what is reflected back to you. It's time to connect to your intuition, to listen to your inner voice. Let it guide you.

It's time to show your true colours. You've kept them muted and under cover for far too long. What colours do you see? What colours will you use to paint your story?

As always, a full moon invites you to hand over whatever it is that no longer serves you, what you're ready to release and what needs to go. The Cancer moon asks you to be brave enough to face those things. A kind of 'chuck out the life chintz' opportunity. As beautiful and powerful Mama lunar wanes, she'll take it from you and dispose of it as she feels fit. Trust her. Trust yourself to trust her.


• Light a white candle (for clarity), take 3 deep breaths and write freely, answering the question...

"What am I ready to release that no longer serves me?" Resist the urge to contrive or control your answer. If you feel yourself beginning to construct, take three more deep breaths and come back to your writing.


Take your writing/list, fold it and place it on top of a glass of clean, clear water. Leave it somewhere it can sit in the light of Bella Luna, on a windowsill for example. If you prefer to leave it outside, make sure you cover it well so it can't be contaminated.

Recite the following mantra or make up your own. I'm always happy for you to use what I give you, but of course you should develop your own rituals, practices and mantras if mine don't quite resonate.

"Mother moon, strong and bright,

On my truth, please shine your light.

Release me from my veils and chains,

Let not my learning be in vain.

Make space for me to start a new,

Mother moon, I trust in you."

In the morning, take the paper and return it to nature. Plant at the base of a tree or simply plant in the garden somewhere. Drink the water, giving vocal, heartfelt thanks to Mother Moon, bella luna.



  • Mugwort. Every witchy one's favourite. Burn it (safely of course) to aid clarity through dreams/visions and to connect to your inner knowing.

  • Rosemary. Amplifies intuition by clearing out thoughts. It's connected to the head. Clearing head mind thoughts, clears the channel to intuition.


  • Rose Quartz. Opens the heart and promotes trust of self, enabling us to connect to, and trust, our inner voice.

  • Malachite. One of my favs. It's a busy little clearing out crystal: heart, solar plexus, third eye, readying us for change. Malachite invites us to stop holding back. Good old Malachite.

Have fun with this love. It should always be fun!

If you want more of this, come and join me and some incredible and lovely peeps in my private Facebook group Words and Woowoo.

See you there.

With love and gratitude,

Michele x

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