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Hi loves,

Phew, I nearly didn't make it here this time. There's been such a lot of shizzle to navigate, for me, recently. Loss, shock, grief, unexpected twists and turns. It's been heavy and dark at times and I'll be honest, there were times I just didn't want to emerge, times I just wanted to stay back in the dark corners of my cave, wrapped in my duvet, blocking out the light.

That's not how this works though. Light always follows darkness, day always follows night, the sun always follows the moon, however hard we try to block it out. Whether we choose to see it or to turn our heads and hearts from it, determines our whole experience from that moment forward. Choice is quite a responsibility, it can feel overwhelming to know that our choices determine our experience but it's true, always will be. Might as well embrace it and make it work for you. On Wednesday 23 November 2002 at approximately 22:57 GMT (UK time), there will be a new moon in Sagittarius. It's significant. No only because this is the last lunar cycle of the conventional calendar year but because Sagittarius the archer, is offering us a bit of extra oomph when it comes to thinking about what we want from this point on. Saggi is drawing back their bow, ready to aim at what it is you set your sights on. So, it's time to get clear about it.

New moons are always about new beginnings, the start of something that we can watch grow to its fullest and brightest. This new moon brought by the archer, is about reflecting as always, of course, but not in a "What could I have done differently?" kind of way. Not with a regretful "I wish that hadn't happened." tone, but in a "How can this inform my way forward." energy. My ol' Dad used to say "Life is like driving. Take a glance in your rear view mirror occasionally but only to inform your way forward. There's a reason your windscreen is bigger than your mirror." Brave and bold fire sign Sagittarius is offering you a shove, extra courage and a bit of tough love. If you need some fire in your belly, you'll be offered that. New beginnings often can't take place without experiencing some endings though. There may be things, habits, situations to conclude or even people you need to detach from, to clear the path ahead. Take the opportunity to dump all the frustration, self berating, feelings of being trapped or conforming to other people's norms and expectations. It's time to draw back, aim high, open your chest wide, expand yourself into your full potential and....FIRE! Come on, it's time. I'm feeling it. I'm sure you are too. We've hidden, played small, been shy of ourselves for long enough. I'm writing another book at the moment and there have been points I've held back, questioned "Will people really want to know this? Will they care?" I tell myself that it's important not to hold back. What if the people who need to hear what I'm sharing, never hear it, never feel they're not alone, never get to heal? I'm not here for that. That's not my purpose. I'm here to be vulnerable, honest and brave so that I can help others to be the same. That means there will be doubts and fear at times but hey, I've walked with those friends before. We can journey together again, because I know where I'm headed. My eye is on the target. Here's what I'll be doing and what I'll be working with this Sagittarius New Moon.


• Make a list of all the things you've achieved this year, all you've learned and grown, no matter how seemingly small. These things will serve as the power behind the archer's bow. • Make a list of things you still want to do, learn, grow with. Be free, open and honest with yourself like never before. Sagittarius is right behind you, protecting you and urging you on. Ask yourself...."What will I FEEL when these things start to manifest? How will things be different for me?"

• IMPORTANT: Write the next chapter of your Story. Whether that is the next week, month or next 10 years. Story is powerful. You know what I say..."You might not be able to change how your story started, but you can edit and rewrite your story and you can create a new one" TREE TRIBUTE

• We travel with the Elm at this new moon but only until midnight on the 23rd November. The Elm symbolises liberty and freedom. It invites us to step out of 'victim' mode and take back our power and control. It teaches us that we make our own prison but that we hold the key to our own freedom. From the 24th, we travel with the Elder. Although the Elder can be damaged easily, it recovers quickly and springs back to life. The month of Elder is a good time for workings related to creativity and renewal. It is a time of beginnings and endings, births and deaths, and rejuvenation.

Go for a walk, try to spot an Elm or Elder. If you can't do that, find a photo or beautiful illustration of one. Tell them your intentions, dreams and desires so they can help you manifest them. Don't forget to tell them what you will give back in return for any help and support they can offer you. RITUAL

Make your lists and bring them to a quiet space, ideally in nature but anywhere you feel light and comfortable is fine. Light a white, cleansing candle. Have a glass of water nearby. Read your lists and any other writings/journal notes out loud. Fold them and place them on top of the glass of water. Make sure the glass is fully covered by the paper or place a saucer on top because you'll be leaving it out overnight. Recite the following or make up your own mantra, poem or prayer...

"Mother moon, new and clear,

Take my dreams and hold them near,

Add your power, make them true,

And in return I promise you,

To do the work and see the signs,

To accept it'll happen when it's time.

Make me brave, hold my hand

In my truth, let me stand."

In the morning, take the paper and return it to nature. Plant at the base of a tree or simply plant in the garden somewhere. Drink the water, giving thanks to Mother Moon, bella luna.



Rosemary, Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger to add fire if you need it.

Camomile, Lavender, Skullcap if you need to quell the fire.


Clear quartz for clarity about the way forward, Tiger's Eye for protection, Blue Lace Agate for finding your voice.

Each month, I channel and travel with an energy, a theme. This month and until the end of December, it's about Identity and I'm taking my group with me. It's such a powerful point of focus, we need longer to work with it and as I've taken some time out for healing, I've been gifted so much around it that I need more time to share with you. I'd love you to come with me so that we can all hit 2023 with clarity, confidence and connection.

Come and join us in my private group Words and Woowoo.

See you there.

With love and gratitude,

Michele x

Places we can connect...

Get the book: Your Path to Freedom

Private Facebook Group: Words and Woowoo


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