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O OH! Brace yourselves loves, it's here again. Mercury goes retrograde on May 10th 2022 and it's going to make it's presence well and truly felt! It arrives slap bang in the middle of the eclipse portal so as if Mercury making us feel like a push-me, pull-you wasn't enough, we have the powerful releasing energy of the blood moon eclipse creeping up on May 15th. I personally feel that ol' Mercury gets a bit of a bad rep. When any planet is retrograde, going in reverse in other words, whatever that planet represents can feel like it's reversing with it. We feel a pull back and if it's your astrological ruling planet, as Mercury is for me as a Virgo, wowee. I'm already feeling like I'm being dragged by a giant magnet into a dark cave. Mercury rules the mind, so if you're feeling a bit foggy brained, confused and finding it hard to focus, feel free to blame lovely Mercury. It can take it. This particular Mercury Retrograde is in Gemini (Mercury's ruling sign), the sign of communication so take care with words, written or spoken. Think twice, check again. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Things may get misconstrued or be misunderstood. Watch out for disinformation too. Gemini loves to chat of course, but maybe until Mercury goes direct again at the beginning of June, keep your meetings, emails, online chats and chatty socialising on the down low. It's a great excuse to say "No thank you." for a while. You might think I'm bonkers but I actually quite like a Mercury retrograde. It slows things down (tech can go haywire because it's linked to communication) and gives me the opportunity to go into a mini hibernation. It gives me chance to do some finishing and completing because I actively avoid starting new things around this time, especially if it involves digital processes and tech. I write and journal rather than tip and type. It teaches me to be patient, with myself as well as others and with situations, and to take time. And besides, I'm an introvert so any excuse to hide away a little is always welcome.

So, if you want me, for the next couple of weeks I'll be mostly in my cosy cave or under my duvet, phone switched off, laptop closed, reflecting, tuning in and working on what to release with the upcoming eclipse. Meanwhile, if you want to make the most of the crazy phase, here are some things you can conjugate and journal on....

• What in my life/work is unfinished that I can resolve to complete?

• What new projects can I park for a couple of weeks?

• What is frustrating me? What is that teaching me? Can I find an extra dose of patience?

• Where can I find 20mins each day to just be still and quiet? Book it in and DON'T MOVE IT!

• What am I grateful for. List 3 things each day in your mind, in prayer, in meditation or on paper, whichever works best for you. OTHER STUFF:

• If you absolutely have to use gadgets and tech, get yourself a piece of shungite and keep it by your device. It will neutralise any hectic energetics.

• If you fog up, feel overwhelmed or tech issues get you, step back and take time out. Don't push through.

• Take a 20 minute walk in nature every day for the next 2 weeks if you can to ground and recalibrate. Mama nature will absorb any negative energy you carry out with you. Of course you should give something back as you walk, an offering. Water, organic apple juice or planting something will do it and will be gratefully received.

Enjoy love. See you on the bright side.

Michele x


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