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Hi loves,

I don't know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year. I long ago decided to resist the commercialism, the chaos and the churn of Christmas but the energy of it still reaches me of course, how can it not? I have to work very hard at staying on the outside of it. Added to all that, we are still feeling the hangover of recent turbulent times (I still refuse to name them) and everywhere we look and listen, we're warned about the doom and gloom still to come, aren't we? It's hard to keep an eye on the light at times, but it's there, trust me on that.

Talking of light, the short supply of daylight if my biggest challenge at this time of year but, I love, crisp cold days when I can wrap up in layers and go out in search of inspiration from nature, listening to my own feet crisp and crunch as I tread the frosty earth. I love observing how nature prepares for the onset of winter, with one thought already on Spring. I love to hunker down and snuggle up with comforting foods, soul feeding things to read, cosy blankets, comfy cushions and warm socks and oversized jumpers. I love to say "No." to invitations and prompts to set resolutions and, instead, say "Yes." to self care and nurturing.

As you probably know by now, I work to the Celtic wheel and the lunar calendar and so my 'new year' doesn't start in earnest until Imbolc on the 1st of February, leading us to a gorgeous and timely full moon in Leo on the 5th February. Leo is all about creative self expression and full moon's are always a time to let go. Good timing eh? Throughout January, I always take time to reflect, reset, write a lot of course and get clear about what's staying and what needs to go as the remaining winter months allow me to...well, winter, taking things slowly and making time to strengthen ready to rebirth, grow and burst forth at Imbolc as the promise of spring arrives. This year that ritual and practice is going to serve me better than ever.

Literally translated, Imbolc means 'In the belly'. It refers to lambing season when Ewes carry little lambs in their bellies, but of course there is an incredible abundance of newness, rebirth and growth starting with Imbolc, from the sight of the first pure white snowdrop and colourful crocus, to the birth of the first lambs and the arrival of the first cuckoo, believed to bring Spring with it as it returns. I like to think that the 'in the belly' reference also relates to the energy I feel as Spring approaches. By then, I'm feeling strong, cleansed, clear about the way forward and generally raring to go.

This year, I am definitely in need of a rest and regrowth period before that happens though. I need to winter just a little longer. I won't lie, 2022 was not kind to me. It mostly felt like a continuing series of obstacles and challenges, like trying to navigate a crocodile swamp during an earthquake. So, as it comes a close, I find myself reflecting on what I've learned, how I've survived and what I want to lay foundations for as time moves ahead, I'm also allowing myself to think about what I wish hadn't come my way, despite the lessons. All too often, we're told, and taught, to look for the learnings, seek the positives. Personally, I've had sooooooo many of those challenges, traumas and lessons, I've honestly, genuinely lost count. Has each one taught me something...about myself and about others? Yes. Do I wish I could have avoided some of them. Also yes. I'm human! Am I grateful what the opportunities I've had to grow, strengthen and learn. Also yes.

We humans are beautifully multifaceted, wonderfully complex, often paradoxical beings. We bend and shape and adapt and change, yet we can stand strong, just like the incredible trees I work with, travel with and take inspiration from. So, as I begin to feel into what I want, and what I want to release, I'm beginning to feel something special brewing. Maybe you feel it too? I feel a calling to stand tall, stand for others who can't stand tall and to lead a quiet revolution, one that will champion compassion, love and connection, one that will gather together a tribe of gifted, sensitive and feeling people ready to be the change we so desperately need and desire. I'm preparing for it. Here are some of the ways:

Each year, I choose to travel with 3 things to aid my journey.... 1. A word/emotion/theme that I intuitively feel fits what I want to do, who I want to serve and how and where I want to go, what direction I want to travel in.

2. A tree that symbolises my overall intended journey for the year.

3. A spirit/angel/goddess/deity that I feel connected to the energy of, that I can travel with and who will travel with me. Like I say, throughout January, I will wintering still and I will be working on identifying these things so that when Imbolc arrives, I have energy and maybe even a little fire 'in my belly'. Can you resist the urge to set resolutions and instead, winter a little longer and prepare to join me for a quiet, change making revolution? I'd love to have you along. I won't be doing any group or private client work until Imbolc but if you feel you'd like to join me then, email me at michele@ michelehenshaw or drop me a message via my private Facebook Group. I have something special in mind to take us from Imbolc to Ostara on the 21st of March. Keep an eye on your inbox for more on that.

In the meantime, if you want something to help kickstart your clarity around what it is you want...and don't want, don't forget you can get an instant download of my ebook Your Path to Freedom Why not take a look? Go quietly lovely one. Much love, Michele (aka Mellie...I'll be using this handle more throughout this year. More on that soon)

Places we can connect...

Get the book: Your Path to Freedom

Private Facebook Group: Words and Woowoo


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