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On 30 April 2022 around 9.28pm GMT, there is a solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus. This event is a biggie and a goodie if you choose to believe it and tap into the transformational power of it all, because it's all about your heart's desire. New moon's are always an opportunity for new starts, new beginnings and as love personified Venus ruled Taurus, love is the order of the weekend. Love in all its forms including love of self. It's also about trust because eclipses can guide us to our true path and to our soul contract at breakneck speed. It's not a time for the faint hearted and can feel a bit tumultuous but it will bring opportunity and satisfaction in abundance and some surprises too as Uranus is feeling all action right now too. But, you must decide whether you have the stomach for it, be careful with your intentions and be prepared to trust....and brace yourself.

Uranus is all about freedom, which is apt as I'm just doing final edits on my book 'Your Path to Freedom'. I couldn't have timed it better. Of course you'll need to be clear about what freedom means to you, what it looks like and you must be sure you want it...REALLY want it.

If you do, you could see long awaited dreams come to fruition under this new moon, eclipse and planetary goings on.

This is a time for being aware, tapping in to your heart's desire and feeling rather than thinking. It's not a time to set audacious goals but to simply tap in, intend and trust. Think: ABUNDANCE, OPPORTUNITY, DREAMS REALISED, WORTHINESS, SELF LOVE

Ritual is a fantastic and powerful way to harness events like this. Here's one of my favourite eclipse rituals if you'd like to give it a try.

• Write out 2 lists

1) Things/people/energy/emotions to leave


2) Things to bring out in to the light.

• Put list 1 in a dark receptacle…tin, tube, bag

• Put list 2 in a clear jar or glass

• Under the eclipse/new moon, please the glass on top of the dark place receptacle

• Light a candle and place any crystals you want to add in a circle around both. Hermatite

(grounding, strength, confidence), Dolomite (emotional healing and peace), Serpentine

(protective shield) Clear Quartz (clarity), Rose Quartz (love including self love), Citrine

(wealth and success).

• Circle the candle around the lists and the crystals to cast light and warmth over them and speak your intention for both lists, for example:

List 1: “I am ready to release these things and banish them to the darkness." You can read

out loud the whole list if you choose to.

List 2: “Bring these things in to the light that I might see them, receive them and embrace


• If you place a covered glass of water out overnight, you can add the water to a spray bottle and use it to spritz yourself with the energy. You can also sip some of the water to absorb its powerful energy.

NOTE: Don’t cleanse your crystals under eclipse energy as it’s too dark.

Go get what your heart desires love. Mother moon wants you to have it all because it's already yours and already waiting for you. You just have to ask. Happy Eclipse and New Moon.

Michele x


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