"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall in to someone else's plan. And, guess what they have planned for you? Not much." Jim Rohn


So, you know those times when you feel like you’re stuck at a crossroads and just don’t know what direction to take? You somehow know, deep inside, that if you could just find the right path, amazing things could open up and happen for you, and everything would start to just feel right? But here’s the thing. You know that means making some BIG decisions and choices and you just don’t know where to start because, well, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Plus, it feels scary. So, you just freeze, do nothing and stay right where you are, even though you know you’re not in the right place. Even though you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Even though, frankly, things are crap. Sound familiar? It might sound bat shit crazy, but so many of us do it. Better the devil you know, right? WRONG!

Staying where you are and just ‘putting up’ and operating on auto pilot is not the answer and you know it! You get frustrated, unhappy and can even make yourself ill

for goodness sake. And not only do YOU suffer, but so do those around you. You get snappy, impatient and lash out at those you love and/or those you work with. Or, you hide yourself away, shutting down and shutting people out.

Well, just imagine if you had a crystal ball, or if there was just someone who could see that there’s a place, just up ahead, where everything is clearer. Where you belong. Where you’re meant to be. Where there’s no fear, no hurting, no lying awake night after night trying to work out the right thing to do. You long for someone to just show you the way. Someone who’s been there, who feels your pain, knows what you’re thinking and feeling and can hold your hand and pull you out of the mire.

Well, there is! That’s why people come to me. My clients describe me as their 'secret weapon.'

I really listen, understand and work with you to create your own Life Path Design. It’s like having a personal, bespoke road map that gives you the right route to where you want to be and to what you want to have. A route designed just for YOU according to your own unique wants and desires. A map that gets you there by the quickest or most interesting routes, depending on what’s best for you. I identify the hazards and obstacles and work out the best to eliminate or navigate them. The best way for YOU. Not only that, but I know where the most beautiful spots are along the way, the opportunities worth stopping off to explore and I can make the way clear.